Saturday, 9 March 2013

Knitting Digest - part 2

Health and Beauty

For part 2 of my step back into the Indian Summer of September 1976 I am focussing on the health and beauty sections of the Knitting Digest. 

The gloriously pink middle pages offer a competition with prizes of perfume and dusting powder. I remember being given some dusting powder as a child, it made me feel so very grown up to have the tub sitting on my dressing table, with a big fluffy dusting puff inside.

Let's take a closer look at the prizes.

The name Tabu takes me right back to the seventies, along with Charlie and Hi Karate (remember the advert with the woman karate kicking anything in her way to get to the man of her dreams). 

The tie breaker for the competition is "I would call my perfume...." hmmm I shall have to think about that one. 

Page 7 - sees a 10 question quiz about health - have a go yourself. 

Here are the answers.....

I particularly like the advice about smear tests and breast examinations.

Lastly, September 1976 was the end of a very hot summer in the UK and here is some advice about keeping that summer glow going a little bit longer.

In part 3 I'm going to be looking at the women's rights issues explored in this delightful knitting magazine.

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