Friday, 12 April 2013

Crochet Notes - Coal Face Necklace

Using the Crochet Necklace with Buttons by Alessandra Hayden pattern I adapted it to suit my preference for beads over buttons.

Crochet cotton - I used DMC Petra No. 5
1.25mm hook
50 beads for dangles
60 seed beads for extra decoration
Collapsible head bead needle
Yarn needle
Neck fastening clasp

  • Thread 50 beads onto cotton in the order you want. 
  • Chain 50 stitches for neckband.
  • Begin dangle - chain 5 - add bead, chain 5 add bead, chain 5 add bead, chain 5 add bead, chain 5 add bead, chain 5 - slip stitch into first chain of the first set of 5 chains to form a dangle. 
  • Chain 5 for space between dangles. 
  • Repeat until you have 10 dangles.
  • Chain 50.
  • Chain 2 for first half treble. 
  • Half treble into each chain along the row to form the band. 
  • Attach neck clasp
  • Add seed beads in groups of two if you wish - using collapsible head bead needle.
I think the possibilities are endless with this pattern:)


  1. Ooh lovely Daffy! Very clever ...

    Thanks for popping over to me and for your lovely comments

    Love Claire xx

  2. ~ Very pretty and a bit special, this Daffy! Well done YOU! ~ with 'Twinkles' *** maria x


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