Friday, 5 April 2013

Knitting Digest - part 4

Food and Fashion

Glorious Food............

To be honest the 70s were not reknowned for their culinary delights, I always think of Findus Crispy Pancakes and Angel Delight, that said my mum was a good cook and an especially good baker so we didn't eat a lot of Birds Eye and Findus meals. Although I do remember eating the Vesta packet curries which I thought were really exotic - do they still make them?

Back to the Knitting Digest magazine from 1976 then........

Pages 40 and 41 contain some lovely recipes for bottling up the harvest and preserving it over winter. I shall definitely have a go at the Apple Chutney and Mint Jelly, watch this space:)

Page 62 has Blackberry Jam and some good cook notes for making jam (something else I learnt from my mum - we always went blackberrying in September). 

On the back page is an advert for another magazine "Home and Freezer Digest" and just look at the first selling point - flavoursome recipes by Mary Berry:)

Fashion - turn to the left, fashion - turn to the right!

Pages 22 and 23 - an article on patchwork and another jewellery, encouraging us to wear tiny miniature keys on a necklace - hmm not sure about that one. I also had a hair styling kit similar to the one in the photo - not that I was any good with it. 

Pages 50 and 51 - how to use up scraps - very thrifty. This time a necklace made of patches - looks like something from Jackie magazine. And what is happening in the world of knitting fashion with links to TV programmes about knitting (I actually remember these!) Oh someone please bring back a knitting and crochet TV programme:)

Next time the patterns on offer in the magazine. 

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