Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Knitting Digest - part 5

The Patterns

It was whilst I watched my mum in the 1970s that I learned to knit and crochet, I did a little blog post tribute to my mum here. I have many happy memories of going through my mum's pattern collection, going to a variety of wool shops with her and choosing patterns for her to make for me. So it is with much fondness that I bring to you the patterns from the Knitting Digest 1976.

More of a blanket than a wrap - but useful for our long cold winters in the UK. 

Two timeless jumpers and useful hat patterns. 
The jumpers may be standard children's wear but the overall style is definitely 1970s. 

Another timeless children's pattern - standard 1970s haircut and Chopper bike. 

Nice colour blends on these stripy jumpers - one with a built in hood and one with a matching scarf. 

One for the babies - aahh - she is probably about 36 now:)
Hmm I'm not sure I'd make the effort to knit this up! More of a dressing gown really.

However - I love this granny blanket. 

And last but not least - for the man in your life a trendy jacket.
 I do hope you have enjoyed going through the September 1976 Knitting Digest Magazine with me.


  1. Hi, I came here from Rav where you linked to this post in We Love Lucy. This is great! I really like your blog. I think it's really fun to read old magazines so I love what you do with these old patterns. I'm following your blog now and looking forward to reading more. :)


    1. Thank you for those kind words. I just love delving into history. x


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