Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Knitting Knotes - Stained Glass Gloves

Gloves to match Stained Glass Scarf and Stained Glass Hat 

I had just enough yarn left over from my stained glass scarf and hat to make a matching pair of gloves - so it seemed silly not to give it a go.

I based my design on this basic pattern for gloves that I picked up in Pollards back in 1982. You can see I have used this pattern many many times:) 

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn and Stylecraft Life DK
Needles: 3mm and 3.75 mm
Pattern: Any basic glove pattern.



  • Cast on 40 sts in DK and 3mm needles.
  • Knit 7 rows in stocking stitch.
  • Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch in Noro.
  • Change back to DK, Knit 1 row then knit 5 rows in reverse stocking stitch - beginning with a knit row.
  • Change to Noro knit 4 rows in stocking stitch.
  • Repeat so that you have 4 Noro stripes - ending with the 4th row of reverse stocking stitch in the DK.
  • Next row increase 5 stitches evenly across the row in DK. 


  • Change to 3.75mm needles - the colour change chart is below. 
  • Change to Noro and stocking stitch for 4 rows. 
  • Change back to DK, Knit 1 row then knit 5 rows in reverse stocking stitch - beginning with a knit row.
  • Follow pattern for thumb shaping etc.
  • Knit all fingers in DK in reverse stocking stitch. 

Other Notes

To keep the hands simultaneous with the colour change in the Noro - I unraveled the yarn  and wound it in to  single colour balls. I also knitted the gloves at the same time so that I knew how much of each colour I had to play with. To help with left and right hands - I sat in an armchair and put the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right, well it stopped me getting mixed up. 

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  1. These a great lets hope the weather warms up and you can put them away till the Autumn! Your knitting pattern looks a lot like mine with notes and markers all over it!

    Great work



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