Friday, 26 April 2013

WIP Report 30

How many WIPS?

Shadow Sox
Summer Garden Sock Blanket
Dahlia Cushion
Violet Dahlia Cushion

How many WIPs started since last report?

Geranium Flower Cushion
Violet Dahlia Cushion
Dahlia Cushion

How many WIPs completed since last report?

Coal Face Necklace - see here for details.
Plum Blossom Cushion - see here for details.
Geranium Flower Cushion - see here for details.


Violet Dahlia Cushion - early days.......
This is made up of two 4 ply yarns together for the purple and a DK. It has the little violets on one side and it will have the Dahlia pattern (see below) on the other side.

Dahlia Cushion
I have christened this the Dahlia cushion because the red bits look like pompom Dahlias. 

Summer Garden Sock Blanket

This blanket is made up of leftover sock yarn and other left over yarn from 4 ply projects - each circle is turned into a square with a white DK. I don't aim to sew it together anytime soon as I have a lot of projects I'm working on or planning using 4 ply. Eventually I aim to group colours together and sew them in diagonally so that they all merge into each other.

There is no real progress on Shadow Sox.

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