Sunday, 19 May 2013

Garden Diary - 19th May 2013

Whilst inspecting my suburban patch this morning, I realised how cheap my bed is at this stage of the year. Let's take a wander and I'll explain.

Hollyhocks were grown from a £2 pack of seeds last year and are now rampaging along the full length of this bed.
The Green Alkanet just grows and I'll probably pull it out soon but the dark blue flowers are quite pretty.
The Aqualegias self-sow all along this bed in May and are so pretty. 

I planted Pansies from last year's winter tubs and they are a vibrant spectacle all along the edge of the bed despite being 2 years old now. 

From the top right - the Euphorbia self-seeded, as did the Aqualegias and Bluebells. The Daisies were given to me by a friend. 

So pretty and all free :)

I thought I had lost this Hosta as it didn't come up last year. 

Likewise this Hosta - I'm not sure why they didn't appear last year but I'm glad they're back.

In amongst the Daisies and Aqualegias are self-seeding Rose Campions and self-seeded Lupin.

More of last year's Pansies with a self-seeding Nigella. 

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