Thursday, 13 June 2013

WIP Report 33

How many WIPs? 5

Shadow Sox
Summer Garden Sock Blanket
Thai Palace Cushion
Rustic Pru Two
Twinkly Fern

How many WIPs started since last report? 3

Rustic Pru Two
Twinkly Fern
Strawberry Popcorn Cushion

How many WIPs completed since last report? 2

Purple Star Cushion
Strawberry Popcorn Cushion



Twinkly Fern - using Adriafil Giada, I am making a top that I first made back in the early 80s. It is from the Sirdar Sunseeker range. I originally made it in pink. 

Rustic Pru Two - using up the yarn left over from Rustic Prudence, a top I made last year. 

The Thai Palace Cushion - based on photo I took at Royal Palace in Bangkok last summer. 


Strawberry Popcorn Cushion

Purple Star Cushion
For Crochet Notes on the cushions see here.

No change on the Summer Garden Sock Blanket and Shadow Sox. 

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