Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crochet Notes - Thai Palace Cushion

Yarn: Stylecraft Life DK (White, Turquoise, Blue and Red) & Sirdar Country Style - Gold
Hook: 3.75mm

Whilst on my Asian Adventure in 2012, I was fortunate enough to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I took several pictures of patterns and tiles that I liked, including the one below. 

I always thought this pattern would make a good crocheted blanket or cushion cover - so as I have been making a lot of cushions recently, I decided to make one more for my patio.

I drew up a chart for the pattern on my computer and ordered the yarn in the relevant colours (I already had the royal blue).

Side A - below you can see the basic middle square and one of the corner squares.

Then I added another round of white clusters to the main square and made 12 two round turquoise / white squares, which I sewed onto each side.

Next I added two round of 3 treble clusters.

I made four of these and used the Attic 24 - join as you method to create Side A.

To complete Side A I did one round of turquoise.

Side B

For this side I decided to just have one large version of the pattern. 

Corner squares - 4 round granny in blue x two rounds and red x two rounds. 
Framing squares - 4 round granny in turquoise x two rounds and white x two rounds. 

Middle square -  2 x red rounds, 2 x blue rounds, 2 x gold rounds, 2 x turquoise rounds, 5 x white rounds

 Join all of the framing squares and then sew in the middle square.

To complete Side B I did 3 rounds of white followed by 1 round of turquoise.

To complete the cushion

Using gold crochet the sides together. (I found that Side A had one extra space, so I skipped the first space on each side.)

After 3 sides - insert a washable cushion pad and then crochet the last side.

Side A

Side B

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Garden Diary 28th July 2013

Introducing the Jewel Bed

For sometime now I have wanted to make a new flowerbed called the Jewel Bed - with the idea that the colours will be purple, yellow and orange. I had some flowers buried in my other two beds that needed space to breathe and I visited a couple of garden centres to see if any bargains were to be had. It's early days and the bed  will doubtless expand but at present I love the cuteness of my new bed:)

So what's in it?

Left to right

back row
Salvia (rescued from the Cool Bed), Rudbekia (rescued from the Hot Bed), Verbena (B & Q), Orange Dahlia (£3 - local garden centre) 

middle row
Chrysanthemum (B & Q - 3 for £5), Yellow Dahlia (rescued from the Hot Bed), Heuchra (rescued from the Cool Bed), Coreopsis (B & Q) 

front row 
Chrsanths - (from B & Q) and pansies from local garden centre) 

I'd quite like an Ice Bed now - similar size - but all white and silver!

Patio Bargains

Small Geraniums £1 each at local garden centre, Lilies - 50p each in an odds and ends shop last year, Sunflower £1.50 B & Q, Asters - 50p at B & Q, Large pink Geranium - cutting from Cornwall a couple of years ago, Cosmos - grown from seeds, draping plant - from a friend.  

Rose - from my sons on Mother's Day, Geraniums £1, Penstemons - cuttings. 

Jasmine - £10 local garden centre, Bourgonville £10 at same garden centre, Geraniums £1 - same garden centre, Sweet Peas from seed, Anenomes (in the pot with the cosmos and Penstemon) 60p from Poundstretcher.

Now I just have to remember to take cuttings and bring in the Bourgonville during the winter. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Garden Diary 24th July - Busy Bees:)

It is a bright sunny morning in suburbia and the bees are hard at work.

Rolling in the pollen. 

Look carefully and one is coming into land - looks like its already had a dusting of pollen. 

Going in ..........

I love this one the best - a bee at work:)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Knitting Knotes - Twinkly Fern


Yarn: Adriafil Giada
Needles: 3.25mm 3.25mm circuclar needle and 4mm
Yarn sewing needle
Oddment of similar colour yarn without the sequins for sewing up.

Finished measurements

Length: 23 inches / 58 cm
Length to armhole: 13 inches / 33 cm
Armhole to shoulder: 10 inches / 25 cm
Finished chest size: 45 inches /  112 cm

I first made this top in about 1984 - using pink Sirdar Sunseeker Spree (a long since discontinued yarn), sadly I couldn't find any photos of me wearing it and sadder still - this version is much bigger:(.

Here are my Knitting Knotes for my adaptation of this pattern.

  • Using 3.25mm - cast on 125 sts and knit 18 rows in K1 P1 rib - increase 1 st at the end of the last row. 
  • Change to 4mm and knit in stocking stitch until work measures 14 inches. 
  • Cast on 2 sts at the beginning of the next 10 rows = 146 sts. 
  • Begin lace pattern. ***
  • Knit the lace pattern of 20 rows twice, then do 12 rows of the next pattern. 
  • Divide for neck using stocking stitch - 40-66-40.
  • Knit 40 turn - stocking stitch 5 rows - cast off.
  • Put middle 66 on a holder and repeat the other side. 

  • Same as back until ***
  • Knit 20 rows of the lace pattern twice then knit 2 rows of the next pattern. 
  • Divide for neck - 50-46-50.
  • Complete one side at a time (put middle 46 onto a holder). 
  • Continue in lace pattern for 10 rows - decreasing 1 stitch at neck edge on alternate rows. 
  • Change to stocking stitch and knit 5 rows - cast off. 
Sew up sides and shoulder.

Armhole edge

  • using 3.25 mm circular needle pick up 120 sts and knit 5 row in 1x1 rib - then cast off.
Neck edge

  • using 3.25 mm circular needle pick up 23 sts down left front, 46 sts across front and 23 sts up right front - then 6 sts down right back, 66 sts across the back and 6 sts up the left back. 
  • Knit 12 rows in 1x1 rib - then cast off. 
Sew in all lose ends and block seams.

I love this and I'm sure will wear it all summer - love the drape of Giada. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Garden Diary - 3rd July 2013

Things that just grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst wandering around my garden it amazes me that - despite all of my hard work - there are beautiful plants that just grow. I don't plan them or buy them, they are not given to me - they just grow.

Here are a few examples:

The Rose Campion is probably the most stunning now and there are several large clumps of it along the Cool Bed, beautifully blending in with the Penstemons and Salvias.

You can also see some very welcome Foxgloves to the left, a Golden Rod in the top middle and gorgeous wispy Nigellas to the right. In the front left is a beautiful white flower of which I do not know the name, but more of them are welcome to grow anytime.

There is always some Green Alkanet and some St John's Wort, I pull most of it up but sometimes it is useful for ground cover.

The Eurphorbia is now past it's brightest but still makes a welcome sight in the bed. 

In my Hot Bed a white flower has just grown - again I don't know what it is.

This year I have loads of Campanulas waiting to burst forth with delightful blue flowers - I don't know where they came from but they can stay:)

Here is another Euphorbia I think - it is more of a burgundy colour and just arrived out of nowhere.

And lastly the Buddleia - which seeds itself all the time - but I let this one grow - it will look fab draped over the patio. 

Crochet Notes - Tudor Rose, Cappuccino Lace and Daisy Loop Bed Topper

Using Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky and Rowan Aran Cotton with a strand of lace added. 6mm hook. (8 balls of blackcurrant and 1 teal.)...