Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crochet Notes - Thai Palace Cushion

Yarn: Stylecraft Life DK (White, Turquoise, Blue and Red) & Sirdar Country Style - Gold
Hook: 3.75mm

Whilst on my Asian Adventure in 2012, I was fortunate enough to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I took several pictures of patterns and tiles that I liked, including the one below. 

I always thought this pattern would make a good crocheted blanket or cushion cover - so as I have been making a lot of cushions recently, I decided to make one more for my patio.

I drew up a chart for the pattern on my computer and ordered the yarn in the relevant colours (I already had the royal blue).

Side A - below you can see the basic middle square and one of the corner squares.

Then I added another round of white clusters to the main square and made 12 two round turquoise / white squares, which I sewed onto each side.

Next I added two round of 3 treble clusters.

I made four of these and used the Attic 24 - join as you method to create Side A.

To complete Side A I did one round of turquoise.

Side B

For this side I decided to just have one large version of the pattern. 

Corner squares - 4 round granny in blue x two rounds and red x two rounds. 
Framing squares - 4 round granny in turquoise x two rounds and white x two rounds. 

Middle square -  2 x red rounds, 2 x blue rounds, 2 x gold rounds, 2 x turquoise rounds, 5 x white rounds

 Join all of the framing squares and then sew in the middle square.

To complete Side B I did 3 rounds of white followed by 1 round of turquoise.

To complete the cushion

Using gold crochet the sides together. (I found that Side A had one extra space, so I skipped the first space on each side.)

After 3 sides - insert a washable cushion pad and then crochet the last side.

Side A

Side B

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