Sunday, 28 July 2013

Garden Diary 28th July 2013

Introducing the Jewel Bed

For sometime now I have wanted to make a new flowerbed called the Jewel Bed - with the idea that the colours will be purple, yellow and orange. I had some flowers buried in my other two beds that needed space to breathe and I visited a couple of garden centres to see if any bargains were to be had. It's early days and the bed  will doubtless expand but at present I love the cuteness of my new bed:)

So what's in it?

Left to right

back row
Salvia (rescued from the Cool Bed), Rudbekia (rescued from the Hot Bed), Verbena (B & Q), Orange Dahlia (£3 - local garden centre) 

middle row
Chrysanthemum (B & Q - 3 for £5), Yellow Dahlia (rescued from the Hot Bed), Heuchra (rescued from the Cool Bed), Coreopsis (B & Q) 

front row 
Chrsanths - (from B & Q) and pansies from local garden centre) 

I'd quite like an Ice Bed now - similar size - but all white and silver!

Patio Bargains

Small Geraniums £1 each at local garden centre, Lilies - 50p each in an odds and ends shop last year, Sunflower £1.50 B & Q, Asters - 50p at B & Q, Large pink Geranium - cutting from Cornwall a couple of years ago, Cosmos - grown from seeds, draping plant - from a friend.  

Rose - from my sons on Mother's Day, Geraniums £1, Penstemons - cuttings. 

Jasmine - £10 local garden centre, Bourgonville £10 at same garden centre, Geraniums £1 - same garden centre, Sweet Peas from seed, Anenomes (in the pot with the cosmos and Penstemon) 60p from Poundstretcher.

Now I just have to remember to take cuttings and bring in the Bourgonville during the winter. 


  1. Wow!!! I admire your garden!!! I love your container plants. Container gardening is something that I want to do also. Have a great day/night!!!

    1. Thanks Zoe, I love the way you can re group containers for a an instantly different look. x


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