Sunday, 8 September 2013

Garden Diary - 7th September 2013

Late Summer Floral Display

This time last year my garden was virtually depleted of flowers and I had to go and buy some Cosmos, Dahlias and Asters to brighten it up for a garden party we were having. I vowed then to ensure that I had all three plants in abundance this year - and what a fab choice - take a look..........

A display dominated by Delphiniums and a Gladioli but look at the pretty Cosmos and Asters. 

At last an Aster is out - I grew these ones form a packet of seeds - gorgeous and worth the wait.

Lovely big Dahlias lead the way but the Hollyhocks are coming to an end now.

Dahlias - Mero Star and Sir Alf Ramsey blending in with the Cosmos.

 Such a difference to my empty garden this time last year. I grew the Cosmos and Asters from seed and Dahlias from tubers, so all good value for money too.

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