Sunday, 22 September 2013

Knitting Knotes - Purple Puff

Purple Puff using - Puff Daddy

For this project I used:

2 skeins of Hoooked Spagetti
12mm needles
4 pillows
3 bags of toy stuffing
1 single sheet
Darning needle

and the fab pattern available on Ravelry - Puff Daddy by Anna and Heidi Pickles

I used 40 stitches and knitted almost all of the 2 skeins - I just left some for sewing up.

Upon cast off it was 55 inches long and 14 and a half inches wide. 

To gather I threaded yarn through the edge. 

1 end gathered.
Some of the stuffing and the sheet. 

I gathered one end and sewed up the seam. Then I lined it with the sheet and put the stuffing in. My last task was gather the other end and tighten as I went. 
My Purple Puff :)

My thoughts:

I love this yarn and love the pattern too - and I will definitely be thinking of some more projects to do with this yarn:)

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  1. WOW this looks fabulous! That yarn looks as if it makes up really quickly and I love the colour

    Susan x


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