Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chick Lit Review

Guilty Pleasure Reading

Sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax with a simple story that is not challenging or demanding, just plain and simple romance and drama and humour. 

And if you're in that mood then these three books fit the bill.

Milly Johnson - It's Raining Men ***

Three over-worked career women go away for a break and find more than just a relaxing time. They find themselves in a small village and clearly unwanted by some of the locals - but not all. Things are not quite what they seem in the village and the women are soon trying to work out a riddle. In addition they have to work out the riddle of their own love lives. 

Thoroughly enjoyable, with some very memorable scenes. 

Kate Harrison - Old School Ties ***

OMG - Tracey Mortimer, we all know someone like her and she is thoroughly unlikeable but you do keep wanting to find out more and this is a real page turner. Tracey is the subject of a reality TV show about a school reunion but her rose coloured glasses are a different shade to everyone else's. Helen Morris is the heroine, a thoroughly delightful character and one that we all want to know. 

I read this very quickly and enjoyed it all. 

Sheila O'Flanagan - Connections **

A collection of short stories about a group of holiday makers in the Caribbean. Each self contained story is enjoyable but being a collection of stories the depth in the characters is not quite as good as the other two books - understandably. Some memorable and touching moments from life, that we are all familiar with. 

This would be good on a half hour commute as you could get through a whole story in that time. 

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