Sunday, 27 October 2013

Crochet Notes - Kata Cushion and Harriet Cushion

Two more cushions for my living room:)

Harriet Cushion

Kata Cushion


2 x £3.75 cushions from Tesco
Left over yarn in purples and oatmeal. (4 ply and DK)
3.75mm hook
yarn sewing needle

Yarns gathered and awaiting transformation. 


  • Using the Kata Square by Penny Davidson (beautifully written instructions) make 4 squares. 
  • I left out the last round and sewed all four squares together.
  • Crochet a round of three treble clusters.
  • Sew on to cushion - job done:)

Harriet on the left and Kata on the right.

The Harriet Cushion is exactly the same but using the Harriet Square by Carolyn Christmas and the final edge round is 1 treble into each treble below.

Both patterns are extremely easy to follow as they are very well written and they use American terminology. 

Close up of Harriet

Close up of Kata

An excellent way to use up odds and ends of yarn - very satisfying.

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