Saturday, 22 February 2014

Crochet Notes - Sock Blanket - Part One

Making the squares

I wanted to use up all of my leftover sock yarn so I decided to make lots of little circles, frame them with white and turn them into squares, which in turn would become a little blanket. I began this epic adventure on 2nd February 2013.

Oddments of 4 ply sock yarn left over from sock projects.
White DK mostly acrylic but Stylecraft Life for edges.

Hook: 3mm

I used Attic 24's How to Hexagon - but turned the circles into squares not hexagons (you just have two clusters of 3 instead of one along each of the last rounds.)

Lots of lovely left over sock yarn. 

After a lot of crocheting - I was left with a pile of squares and was also left wondering how to join them!

You will notice that I didn't join as I went along - the reason being I was still making socks and I wanted to wait until the end and arrange the colours. You will also notice that by and large I didn't weave in my ends either - big mistake!!!!! I did weave in a few but not many - this I will improve on next time.

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