Monday, 24 February 2014

Crochet Notes - Sock Blanket - Part Two

Joining the squares

First I sorted the squares into the original sock projects. 
This wasn't massively helpful because a lot of the socks used multi-coloured yarn. 

My first idea was to have a black/grey cross diagonally across the blanket, then arrange in colour groups. However - at the time I thought this looked very messy and so I decided against it. Looking at it now I really like it and I think it might have been a better option, largely because you get a better sense of the blue and purple in this version. Hey ho - that's life:)

Next I tried a diagonally colour phased arrangement - which I quite liked - so that became choice. I used the long white tail ends and stitched it together roughly whilst it was still on the floor. 

When I picked it up it came off the floor in groups - but all the squares were joined somewhere. I began by sewing the biggest section together. Then the smaller sections - until I was left with one last chunk to untangle and sew together. 

You will notice that I had a 15 x 15 square blanket - I also had ten squares remaining - and had to decide what to do with them, in the end I didn't use them. Once all of the sections were complete I held my breath and hoped they all fitted. At first they didn't but I had the main section upside down - doh!

Finally all the squares were together - with those ends weaved in and this is the result.......

Just the border to add now ..........

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  1. That is looking lovely. I sickened myself of blankets, having to complete 3 for Christmas!


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