Sunday, 9 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Caterpillar Glasses Case

Caterpillar  Glasses Case

Yarn: Patons Smoothie and GGH Velour Lame

Hook: 3.75mm and a large button is need too.

Project ready for the hook on....
If I'm honest - which of course I am - this project didn't go entirely to plan. I do have a glasses case but it is slightly different to the one I envisaged, however I like it.

I used two different yarns but they were two different thicknesses as well so I had to adapt the pattern a bit because of this. When using the Smoothie I did 8 trebles instead of 7, 4 chain instead of 3 and 4 dc instead of 3. I was also using a smaller hook than recommended for these yarns and in the end all of these factors made the fabric pucker instead of lie flat.

I was going to frog it but I quite liked the texture, in fact it feels quite rubbery and solid, which made me decide to keep it as it does offer more protection to the glasses.

I used 53 chain to start not 66 as in the pattern. The top row I added after has 9 trebles to make it stand out. The bottom has 4 trebles on top of the 4 dcs then 4chain, slip stitch into the top of the trebles fan, 4 chain, 4 trebles etc. Finally I did a row of dcs to finish.

I found the perfect cheeky little button in my pot and did a 15 chain loop for the button hole.

As you can see my sunglasses are quite bulky so big case was needed.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Mauve Mandala Cushion

Mauve Mandala Cushion

I fancied making a round cushion just because I never have before, using some gorgeous yarn from a Ravelry swap (I have no idea what the yarn was) I picked some mandala patterns and off I went. I'm quite pleased with the result - however when I find the right lining I will line the cover as I'm not keen on the white poking through.

Side 1 - DK wool recieved in a swap - no label and Stylecraft Life
Side 2 - A variety of DK wool and Stylecraft Life

Hook: 4mm

Side 1 -  Magic Spike Mandala by Tamara Kelly
Side 2 - Crochet Mandala by Karen Janine

After 10 rounds
Side 1:

Follow the Magic Spike Mandala for 10 rounds. On round 11 omit the spike (I did this because it was covering up too much of my lovely yarn.)

Continue to round 16 then instead of doing the last round - extend the Mandala as follows making the following alterations:

R13 to 15
R12 (7ch not 5ch)
R13 (4dc 1ch 4dc)
R14 (dc)
R15 (9sc)
R16 (Skip 4sts 5 ch)
R12 (7ch)
R13 (4dc)
R14 (9dc)

Side 2 :

Using the Crochet Mandala -
Complete Rs 1 to 8
Then repeat rows 3 to 8 until desired size.

In situ

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Sock Blanket - Part Three

Sock Blanket with Nostalgia Border

The Edging

Deciding upon the edging to use was important as I wanted to finish this off well, after all that hard work of crocheting and sewing. I consulted Ravelry and found this - which I really liked. I consulted the Woman's Day Book and found nothing really. I also tried The Beaded Edge 2 which I bought with making jewellery in mind and I found nothing appropriate but I was reminded that I do love some of the bead projects inside.

In the end I was back at the at the start and finally decided upon the Nostalgia Border, which I then discovered was in German - but it does have a great tutorial.

Rows 1 to 3 - treble into each space between trebles, with groups of 3 at the corners.

Rows 4, 5, & 6 are from the Nostalgia Border pattern.

And at last 1 year and 26 days later - here is my Sock Blanket - and I think it is very good use of leftover sock yarn. 

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