Sunday, 9 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Caterpillar Glasses Case

Caterpillar  Glasses Case

Yarn: Patons Smoothie and GGH Velour Lame

Hook: 3.75mm and a large button is need too.

Project ready for the hook on....
If I'm honest - which of course I am - this project didn't go entirely to plan. I do have a glasses case but it is slightly different to the one I envisaged, however I like it.

I used two different yarns but they were two different thicknesses as well so I had to adapt the pattern a bit because of this. When using the Smoothie I did 8 trebles instead of 7, 4 chain instead of 3 and 4 dc instead of 3. I was also using a smaller hook than recommended for these yarns and in the end all of these factors made the fabric pucker instead of lie flat.

I was going to frog it but I quite liked the texture, in fact it feels quite rubbery and solid, which made me decide to keep it as it does offer more protection to the glasses.

I used 53 chain to start not 66 as in the pattern. The top row I added after has 9 trebles to make it stand out. The bottom has 4 trebles on top of the 4 dcs then 4chain, slip stitch into the top of the trebles fan, 4 chain, 4 trebles etc. Finally I did a row of dcs to finish.

I found the perfect cheeky little button in my pot and did a 15 chain loop for the button hole.

As you can see my sunglasses are quite bulky so big case was needed.

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