Saturday, 8 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Mauve Mandala Cushion

Mauve Mandala Cushion

I fancied making a round cushion just because I never have before, using some gorgeous yarn from a Ravelry swap (I have no idea what the yarn was) I picked some mandala patterns and off I went. I'm quite pleased with the result - however when I find the right lining I will line the cover as I'm not keen on the white poking through.

Side 1 - DK wool recieved in a swap - no label and Stylecraft Life
Side 2 - A variety of DK wool and Stylecraft Life

Hook: 4mm

Side 1 -  Magic Spike Mandala by Tamara Kelly
Side 2 - Crochet Mandala by Karen Janine

After 10 rounds
Side 1:

Follow the Magic Spike Mandala for 10 rounds. On round 11 omit the spike (I did this because it was covering up too much of my lovely yarn.)

Continue to round 16 then instead of doing the last round - extend the Mandala as follows making the following alterations:

R13 to 15
R12 (7ch not 5ch)
R13 (4dc 1ch 4dc)
R14 (dc)
R15 (9sc)
R16 (Skip 4sts 5 ch)
R12 (7ch)
R13 (4dc)
R14 (9dc)

Side 2 :

Using the Crochet Mandala -
Complete Rs 1 to 8
Then repeat rows 3 to 8 until desired size.

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