Saturday, 1 March 2014

Crochet Notes - Sock Blanket - Part Three

Sock Blanket with Nostalgia Border

The Edging

Deciding upon the edging to use was important as I wanted to finish this off well, after all that hard work of crocheting and sewing. I consulted Ravelry and found this - which I really liked. I consulted the Woman's Day Book and found nothing really. I also tried The Beaded Edge 2 which I bought with making jewellery in mind and I found nothing appropriate but I was reminded that I do love some of the bead projects inside.

In the end I was back at the at the start and finally decided upon the Nostalgia Border, which I then discovered was in German - but it does have a great tutorial.

Rows 1 to 3 - treble into each space between trebles, with groups of 3 at the corners.

Rows 4, 5, & 6 are from the Nostalgia Border pattern.

And at last 1 year and 26 days later - here is my Sock Blanket - and I think it is very good use of leftover sock yarn. 


  1. What a great idea! This is positively inspiring. I am going to go sort through all of those little balls of yarn at the bottom of my closet. Your arrangement of the colors is great as we'll.

  2. I love your blanket. Great idea for all of those precious scraps of sock yarn. How big was each square?

  3. Beautiful I just spotted this and couldn't resist checking it out. so creative

  4. A lovely blog and a lovely blanket. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)


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