Thursday, 1 May 2014

Crochet Notes - Canterbury Bag


Shopping bag - the type you are given free from various shops or events. I picked this one up in Canterbury - hence Canterbury Bag.
4 mm crochet hook
sewing equipment


Left overs - I used cottons:
Twilley's Freedom Echo - Rounds 1 and 2
Patons Smoothie - Round 3
King Cole - Cotton Bamboo - Rounds 4, 5, 6


Tricolor Square by Jan Eaton


  • Make 8 Tricolor Squares - I used the yarn sequence above. 

  • Sew them together in groups of 4.
  • Do three rounds of granny clusters - I used white. 

  • Using Echo crochet the sides together. 
  • Crochet 1 row along the bottom edge then crochet together.
  • Crochet around the top edge in granny clusters.
  • Crochet 2 rounds of trebles and 1 round of double crochets.
  • Sew in all ends.
  • Fix bag inside as a lining (I just sewed around the top edge). 
  • I might do the straps in crochet too - I haven't decided yet. 

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