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Australian Adventure Post 5

Friday 8th August

We left the lovely Fairmont Resort after a hearty breakfast and headed off towards Sydney again for the last leg of our tour.

This time were staying south of Sydney at the Avonmore on the Park in Randwick. I booked this because it looked like an interesting boutique hotel, also it was near Bondi and Bronte beaches, well placed to get to Botany Bay and twenty minutes from the airport. However, if I were to return to my booking stage I would go for the Novotel at Brighton-le-Sands, also very well placed. The reason being that despite friendly and helpful staff the room was cold (there was an oil filled heater to be fair) but the bathroom was freezing. In addition Randwick wasn't the best place for tourists, I think Brighton would have been better.

Anyhow - after checking in we went off to Bondi for a walk around.

The Bondi crescent of sand.

Bondi in winter

The famous Lifeguard Club

Following our walkabout we headed back to Randwick but took a wrong turn and ended up in Rose Bay and Watson's Bay - what lovely places to live for Sydneysiders:)

Saturday 9th August

Following some shopping we decided to do the Coastal Walk, we parked at Bronte beach and walked along the coast to Clovelly. One of the things I love about Australian beaches are the baths and bronte's baths were in a stunning and dramatic location.

The waves trickle over into the pool - it looked so refreshing. 

Please note the surfer about to hit the surf. 

The clifftop walk goes past several little beaches, a bowling club (where we stopped for a drink to admire the view), a rugby club and a Victorian cemetery. We walked to Clovelly and then returned.

Clifftop Cemetery at Clovelly


Clovelly Beach

Sunday 10th August

For our last day we decided to end where the British involvement in Australia began at Botany Bay. As a historian myself, I found this a very philosophical and bittersweet place. We arrived at Kurnell Park in Botany Bay and began with the Burrawang Walk, this takes you along a path that has several monuments to Cook and his colleagues from the Endeavour. It explains what happened on the first meeting with the Aborigines and it puts into context the Aboriginal experience following Cook's landing.

There is a huge emphasis on the atrocities suffered by the Aboriginals and a pledge to move forward together (from my brief observations during our stay I would say there is still a lot of work to be done but there is a commitment to do it). There is also a museum at Kurnell and it puts more context around the area for visitors - very interesting, we spent ages in there.

Whilst standing at Cook's monument an Aboriginal guy offered to take our picture - a lovely moment.

Kurnell, Botany Bay, Cook's monument and the plaques telling the Aboriginal story. 

Following my history fix and a very deep thinking morning we drove off to Cronulla for a coastal walk to finish our Australian Adventure. Cronulla Beach was lovely but stunning at sunset.

Cronulla Beach at sunset

The sunsets on our Australian Adventure

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