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Knitting Knotes - Twinkly Fibonacci

Twinkly Fibonacci - using Adriafil Giada 

I decided to knit up one my old 1980s patterns and I managed to get hold of my favourite twinkly yarn Adriafil Giada at a good price. Sadly there wasn't enough white to do the pattern itself. So I decided to use a Fibonacci stripe pattern that I had used before. To give credit where it is due - it is based on Candy Stripes by Fiona McTague in the Simply Knitting Jan 2009 issue.

So here it is at the beginning.

Picture with the original rib which I decided was too messy. 


Yarn: Adriafil Giada 
Colour A = 6 x 50g balls - white
Colour B = 2 x 50g balls - grey
Colour C = 2 x 50g balls - pink
Colour D = 2 x 50g balls - green

Needles: 3.25mm 3.25mm circular needle and 4mm and 4mm circular needle.
Yarn sewing needle
Oddment of similar colour yarn without the sequins for sewing up.

Finished measurements

Length:  59cm
Length to armhole: 34cm
Chest:  110cm

Here are my Knitting Knotes for my adaptation of this pattern.


  • Using 3.25mm - cast on 109 sts and knit 10 cm in K1 P1 rib inc 1 stitch on the last row = 110sts.
  • Change to 4mm and knit in stocking stitch increasing 1 stitch each end of every 3 rows until there are 126 stitches. 
  • Fibonacci stripe pattern - over 28 rows - knit twice. 
4 - B - grey
2 - C - pink
6 - D - green
4 - A - white
2 - B - grey
4 - C - pink
2 - D - green
4 - A - white

Do 4,2,6 again and then continue in white to ***52cm - divide for neck.


Knit straight until work measures 59cm.
Cast off 14sts at beg of next 3 rows.

Match other side. 


Same as back to ***
Continue in white to 45cm divide for neck.

42/42/42 - finish as for back. 


Pick up and rib (1x1) using 3.25mm circular needle.

  • Down left front 51 sts - place marker on last stitch - this must always be a knit stitch. 
  • Across front 42sts.
  • Up right front 51sts - place marker on first stitch - this must always be a knit stitch.
  • Down right back 24sts - place marker on last stitch - this must always be a knit stitch. 
  • Across back 42sts.
  • Up left back 24sts - place marker on first stitch - this must always be a knit stitch.
Knit 10 rows 1x1 rib - always dec 1st either side of the marked stitches - keep them a constant knit stitch.

Cast off.


I did these in the Fibonacci pattern. 

Pick up and knit 106sts around the armhole. Knit 2 more rows. 
Decrease 2sts evenly. 
Knit 5 rows.
On the next row decrease 2 sts evenly. 
Repeat until there are 90sts.

Knit 4 rows decrease 2 evenly on each = 82sts.
Change to 3.25mm

Knit 7 rows in 1x1 rib.
Cast off

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