Saturday, 27 September 2014

Crochet Notes - Canterbury Bag II

Having turned my original Canterbury Bag into cushions for my Aunty and Uncle, I needed to once more turn the bag for life I received in Canterbury into a crocheted masterpiece.

Canterbury Bag

Conversion to two cushions
This time I decided to use up all my odds and ends - always a satisfying moment - in order to create a new bag.


Bag for life
4mm hook
double knit yarn
yarn sewing needle and scissors

I decided to use the centre from Attic 24' How to Hexagons and then square them instead of turning them into hexagons. A simple procedure - you just have 4 corners with 2 clusters in between.

I divided the yarn into four groups: dark blue, mid-blue, and turquoise for the centres and one colour for the edging to tie it all together.

Once I had made enough centres - 40 - 20 for each side - I arranged the them and used the edging to join-as-you-go.

Once joined I did one round of 3 clusters to tidy it all up, then I crocheted the two sides together, fastened off the ends and sewed in the lining (the bag for life).

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