Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crochet Notes - Christmas Cushion

Christmas Cushion

Using Starflower Hexagon by Julie Mnemosyne - I always thought this pattern would double up as a great Poinsettia and I'm pleased with the results. My first Christmas decoration of the year.

3.75mm hook
yellow DK
2 shades of red DK
green DK

Red pillow case

Right to left:
- yellow = rounds 1 and 2
- red = rounds 3,4 and 5
- dark red = round 6
- green = rounds 7 and 8

Finished fabric with a round of trebles, half trebles and double crochet. 

With the pillow case.

I pinned the fabric onto the pillow case, cut around the shape with a cm border and then sewed around border so that there was a pocket for stuffing. I stuffed the pocket and sewed up the opening. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Poppies and Remembrance

The poppy symbol to remember those that have fallen in war is always special every year but this year the centenary of World War One starting has made it even more poignant.

In the UK we remember those fallen in war with a national 2 mins silence at 11am on the 11th November - the moment the guns fell silent in 1918. The Poppy Appeal began in 1921 as a charity to support those injured and it has continued ever since. The poppies were chosen because they grew naturally in the Flanders Fields, one of the battlegrounds where many soldiers had fallen, and their red colour, symbolising the blood, lost makes the poppy a perfect choice for this charity.

To mark the 100 year anniversary there has been a poppy art installation at the Tower of London, you can see the aerial photo above. I went into London last night to see it, it was incredibly moving. At 5pm in the pouring rain a long list of World War One fallen was read out followed by the Last Post - a very moving moment.

As you can see from the photo above the poppies look like a lake of blood around the Tower, it can't help but make you think about war in general.

Having researched a bit of family history I know of three relatives that died during the First World War: my great uncle Billy Pullum (my nan's brother - I have had the honour of visiting his grave near Ypres); my great great uncle Charles Tudman (Billy's uncle) who also died in Belgium and from another side of the family my great grandfather Ottomar Waibel died on the Somme in France - Ottomar was a German living in London with his English wife and three small children, he was sent back to Germany when war broke out and was never to return.

Poppy for Remembrance Day - Simply Crochet

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crochet Notes - Issue 22 Granny Bag

Do you ever buy crafty magazines but never make anything from them? All too often if you're anything like me - however Simply Crochet - Issue 22 came up trumps in the Granny Square inspiration department. I used three grannies from this issue to make a new bag and I'm very pleased with the results.

1 x ball of Adriafil Primula - 50g
1 x Stylecraft Life DK - 100g
2 x King Cole Giza - 100g

Hook: 4mm

12 x squares of Petal.
12 x squares of Granny Joyce
10 x squares of Perfect Pencil Case

Main panels:
12 squares - 6 of petal and 6 of Granny Joyce - use joins as you go.
I changed Granny Joyce as follows: Round 3 = groups of 4 not 3 trebles.

Granny Joyce

Perfect Pencil Case

Perfect Scent

Once the panel is formed it needs edging: I used trebles and did 3 rows at the top and bottom and 1 row at the side.

For the side and bottom panels I used 10 squares of the Perfect Pencil Case square - I added two more rounds in the same manner and then a third round in the contrast colour and used this to join the squares as I went.

For the edging of the side panel I did exactly the same as the main panels.
I then sewed the ends in and sewed it all together and joined it to the bag for life.

For the straps I used 120 chain, followed by trebles in each of the chains. Then to edge it I did double crochets all the way round.

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