Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 2

Here is the 5 x 5 round - ends all sewn in.

Here you can see the project bag bursting with colour. The bag was bought for me as a thank you for helping someone at work and I have used it as a flight bag / weekend bag ever since. However the label said it was a beach bag. So as I have now invested in a new flight bag with wheels this bag can return to its official purpose and become the home for this picnic blanket (and a project bag until it is complete.)

Building up Round 2.
In the previous post I mentioned that I would use a shower curtain to back this picnic blanket - but there has been a change of plan. I just bought a micro-fibre fleece blanket in Aldi for £7.99 - it is massive but not too thick, I went for grey as a more practical colour than white. It is rectangular not square as I originally intended - but that is fine and it is lovely and big, should be luxurious when it is finished:)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 1

As you can see I have entitled this as a picnic blanket - I'm planning to back it with a shower curtain to make it a bit more waterproof.

I have now decided to mix the green in with main body rather than use it as a border as I said on my previous post. I have also bought a variety of blue yarns, funny how a project to use up leftovers means that you have to buy more yarn. I am doing the flowers in DK but the white frame in Aran - it just adds a thickness to the blanket.

I am going to build the blanket up round by round and sew all the ends in after each round is complete.

Here is round 1:

Building up.

Round 1 complete.

The Sunflower square in the middle makes a nice easy reference point for the centre of the blanket. I also like the pattern made by the joining method in the pattern.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - the start.

This is one of those "use up the leftover yarn" projects. This time I'm getting rid of my double knit, using up leftovers and those small balls you get free with Let's Knit magazine.

So you can see there are some sparkly yarns and a variety of textures. I am using a 3.75mm hook and the Flowers in the Snow pattern available here on Ravelry. This pattern is also available on the designer's blog (Solveig Grimstad) here. Sadly there isn't a lot of blue - this is because I used it all on my Canterbury Bag II recently, so I shall have to remedy that.

I don't have a massive plan for setting out the colours except for the following:
  • The centre is a sunflower.
  • Round 1 of all the other squares will be yellow or orange.
  • When joining the squares (using join as you go) there will not be two colours the same next to each other.
  • At present I plan to have the last round of squares all green with a white frame (to represent a grassy border) but I might put a sunflower in each corner. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Knitting Knotes - 200 Hat

Entitled the 200 Hat in honour of it being my 200th project on Ravelry. I had some Aran yarn left over from a jumper and had an idea for hat and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the result.

This is a cosy Aran hat that is not a tight fit but not slouchy either.

Here's how I did it.

Equipment - 4.5 mm circular (40cm), 5mm dpns (5), sewing needle.

Yarn - 100g of Aran


Using 4.5mm needle - cast on 92 sts - K2 P2 rib for 29 rows - on row 30 increase to 120 sts.

Change to 5mm dpns and distribute evenly over 3 needles - use 4 for knitting.

Row 1 - P6 K6 all the way round.
Row 2 - as set.
Row 3 - P6, place 3 sts on spare dpn, K3 then K3 from cable needle (C3B), repeat all the way round.
Rows 4 to 10 - P6 K6 all the way round.

Continue 10 row pattern until 37 rows have been completed.

Decrease for crown

Next row (a row 8)- P2 tog, P2, P2 tog, K6 - repeat to end - 100 sts.

Next row (a row 9) - P4, K6 to end

Next row (a row 10) - P2 tog, P2 tog, K6 - repeat to end - 80 sts.

Next row (a row 1) - P2, K6 to end.

Next row (a row 2) - P2 tog, K6 - repeat to end - 70 sts.

Next row (a row 3) - P1, C3B to end

Next row - K2 tog all round - 35 sts.

Next row - K2 tog all round to last stitch - K1 - 18 sts.

Next row - K2 tog all round - 9 sts.

Cut yarn with a 12 cm tail.

Thread yarn through remaining 9sts - tighten and fasten end.

You could a pom pom if you wish - but I like it just as it is:)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mohair Madness - step back in time!

Back in the 80s I was addicted to mohair. My house was constantly covered in mohair fluff and my carpet always used to have a layer of fluff over it - but I was undeterred.  I had a fluffy mohair jumper for every day of the week and some spares, some were from patterns and some were made up by my good self.

In addition I used my knitting machine to make and sell mohairs to order. In actual fact I made enough money to buy the material I used for my 4 bridesmaid dresses. I love the fact mohair is back, even though nobody appears to be brushing them and fluffing them up with a teasel brush (I still have mine somewhere) in the 21st century. I stopped wearing the mohairs when I had my first baby - they would have choked on all that fluff.

So sit back and enjoy this wander through the mohair madness of the 80s. (Sorry about the picture quality!)

Firstly - my favourite - I wore this until it fell to bits and I couldn't fluff it up any more. I made this pattern up and ran it up on my Brother chunky knitting machine.

Another mohair I wore until it fell apart was this one - Mr Daffy used to call it the TV set because it looked like a TV that wasn't tuned in and it was going fuzzy.

Basic purple and red mohairs for everyday wear. (I had several pink ones too.)

Denim mohairs for wearing with jeans.

Here I am in Lancashire with another favourite - this green one had a tiny sequin embellishment and puffy sleeves (very 80s) and I loved it.

This blue mohair was more turquoise in real life - it had a cable pattern down each side and I sewed little pearls into the cable.

 This red one I made for a girl at work - she designed the ribbon embellishment and I had to make it happen. It came out really well and she wore it to work every week in the winter.

This blue one was from a pattern and you can see the back, it was for my boss at the time and I seem to remember having to adjust the neck at the front. I think she liked it in the end.

These cardies were always in demand from people - but I preferred to wear jumpers.

Here are some made up jumpers - the little cropped ones were for a friend of mine - she designed them. I think the large black jacket was for my cousin, I remember making up the pattern anyway.

Lastly - all that leftover mohair need to be used up - this was made for my friend's daughter. 

After mohair I had a thing for chenille, which also left traces all over the house - happy days. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Knitting Knotes - Denim Cables Pom Pom Hat

I had about 100g of yarn left from the Denim Cables Jumper and I decided to make a pom pom hat, I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I made this one up. I do like the hat but I didn't have enough yarn to make a giant pom pom, which seem to be all the rage at the moment. I do have some pink aran left over from another jumper, so I might do a variation of this pattern, with matching gloves or mittens - watch this space.......

Yarn: James C Brett Aran - 100g
Needles: 4.5mm (straight or dpns or circular) + a cable needle + stitch marker

You can do this hat on whichever needles you prefer - but you will have a seam if you use the straights.

Cast on 80sts - place marker at the start.
K2 P2 rib for 30 rows
Increase to 104 sts on the next row.

If doing this on straight needles increase 1 st each end of the first row as an edge stitch for sewing up - this way the pattern won't be destroyed. Knit this stitch.

Pattern is over 6 rows:

Row 1 - P4 K4 P4 K4 etc to end
Row 2 - as set
Row 3 - P4 Cable 4 back (place next 2 stitches onto a cable needle and place at the back, K2 from needle then K2 from cable needle) to end.
Row 4 - as set
Row 5 - as set
Row 6 - as set

Knit 36 rows
Decrease for crown.

Row 1 - P2 tog x2, K4, P2 tog x 2, K4 etc

Row 2 - as set

Row 3 - P2 tog, Cable 4 back, P2 tog etc to end

Row 4 - as set

Row 5 - K2 tog to end

Row 6 - P2 tog to end

Row 7 - K2 tog to end

Row 8 - draw through remaining stitches.

To finish:

Sew up seam if done on straights.

Make a pom pom and attach.

Sew in all ends.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Knitting Knotes - Denim Cables Jumper

Denim Cables Jumper
Last year I made my Fuschia Cables jumper and I wore it so much I decided to add to the collection. This time the pattern is a blend of three patterns, the original Stylecraft pattern and the adaptations I made of it, plus for the cable pattern itself a pattern from Let's Knit.

I am very pleased with this effort too, except for the fact I made it shorter and now wish I hadn't. However it is a very warm and cosy little number that looks great with jeans.

Pattern: Stylecraft Life Aran 8712 and Samantha by Sian Brown and my previous effort - Fuchsia Cables Jumper

This jumper is a mix of the above patterns. 

Yarn: James C Brett Aran - 700g
Needles: 4.5mm, 4.5mm circular, 5mm and a cable needle.

Chest: 126cm
Length: 63cm
Length to arm: 42cm
Neck: 8cm

Adaptations to the Stylecraft pattern 
I used the 112/117cm size.
For the back and front I decided to add a ribbed edge at the bottom.

Cast on 106sts with 4.5mm.
25 rows of k2p2
Increase to 123sts and change to 5mm.

Commence pattern at the 5mm change over but this time I used the pattern from Samantha by Sian Brown.

Armholes were completed after 42cm which was on row 6 of the heart pattern and row 6 of cable pattern.

Armhole decrease
Cast off 6 sts at the the beginning of the next two rows.
Knit 6 rows decrease 1 st each end of every row.
Knit 5 rows decrease 1 st each end on alternate rows. * = 92 sts
Knit until armhole measures 24 cm. (Row 2 of the heart and row 2 of the cables).
Cast off 25 sts each end - put middle 42 sts on to a holder. 

Front = same to *
Knit until armhole measures 11 cm.
Pattern 36 - turn.
Decrease 1 st at neck edge on the next 6 rows
Decrease 1 st at neck edge on the next 4 alternate rows.
Decrease 1 st at neck on next 4th and 8th row.
Continue in pattern to match the back.
Cast off.
Match other side.

Cast on 44 sts with 4.5mm.
K2P2 - for 20 rows.
Increase to 50 sts.
Change to 5mm
Work 85 rows - increase 1 st each end on:
1, 8, 15, 22, 36. 43, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85

Knit 1 row.

Cast off 6sts at beginning of next 2 rows.
K4 rows dec 1 st each end of every row.
K28 rows decrease 1 st each end of every alternate row.
Cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows = 8 sts.
Cast off

Pick up 32 down left front, 20 across middle and 32 up right front, then pick up 42 across back.

K4 P4 rib - but decrease 42 across back to 36 evenly.

Rib for 8cm - cast off loosely.

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