Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 1

As you can see I have entitled this as a picnic blanket - I'm planning to back it with a shower curtain to make it a bit more waterproof.

I have now decided to mix the green in with main body rather than use it as a border as I said on my previous post. I have also bought a variety of blue yarns, funny how a project to use up leftovers means that you have to buy more yarn. I am doing the flowers in DK but the white frame in Aran - it just adds a thickness to the blanket.

I am going to build the blanket up round by round and sew all the ends in after each round is complete.

Here is round 1:

Building up.

Round 1 complete.

The Sunflower square in the middle makes a nice easy reference point for the centre of the blanket. I also like the pattern made by the joining method in the pattern.

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  1. It's looking lovely and colourful already. What a very cheerful blanket it will be.


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