Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Crochet Notes - Summer Garden Picnic Blanket - Round 2

Here is the 5 x 5 round - ends all sewn in.

Here you can see the project bag bursting with colour. The bag was bought for me as a thank you for helping someone at work and I have used it as a flight bag / weekend bag ever since. However the label said it was a beach bag. So as I have now invested in a new flight bag with wheels this bag can return to its official purpose and become the home for this picnic blanket (and a project bag until it is complete.)

Building up Round 2.
In the previous post I mentioned that I would use a shower curtain to back this picnic blanket - but there has been a change of plan. I just bought a micro-fibre fleece blanket in Aldi for £7.99 - it is massive but not too thick, I went for grey as a more practical colour than white. It is rectangular not square as I originally intended - but that is fine and it is lovely and big, should be luxurious when it is finished:)

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