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Knitting Knotes - Denim Cables Jumper

Denim Cables Jumper
Last year I made my Fuschia Cables jumper and I wore it so much I decided to add to the collection. This time the pattern is a blend of three patterns, the original Stylecraft pattern and the adaptations I made of it, plus for the cable pattern itself a pattern from Let's Knit.

I am very pleased with this effort too, except for the fact I made it shorter and now wish I hadn't. However it is a very warm and cosy little number that looks great with jeans.

Pattern: Stylecraft Life Aran 8712 and Samantha by Sian Brown and my previous effort - Fuchsia Cables Jumper

This jumper is a mix of the above patterns. 

Yarn: James C Brett Aran - 700g
Needles: 4.5mm, 4.5mm circular, 5mm and a cable needle.

Chest: 126cm
Length: 63cm
Length to arm: 42cm
Neck: 8cm

Adaptations to the Stylecraft pattern 
I used the 112/117cm size.
For the back and front I decided to add a ribbed edge at the bottom.

Cast on 106sts with 4.5mm.
25 rows of k2p2
Increase to 123sts and change to 5mm.

Commence pattern at the 5mm change over but this time I used the pattern from Samantha by Sian Brown.

Armholes were completed after 42cm which was on row 6 of the heart pattern and row 6 of cable pattern.

Armhole decrease
Cast off 6 sts at the the beginning of the next two rows.
Knit 6 rows decrease 1 st each end of every row.
Knit 5 rows decrease 1 st each end on alternate rows. * = 92 sts
Knit until armhole measures 24 cm. (Row 2 of the heart and row 2 of the cables).
Cast off 25 sts each end - put middle 42 sts on to a holder. 

Front = same to *
Knit until armhole measures 11 cm.
Pattern 36 - turn.
Decrease 1 st at neck edge on the next 6 rows
Decrease 1 st at neck edge on the next 4 alternate rows.
Decrease 1 st at neck on next 4th and 8th row.
Continue in pattern to match the back.
Cast off.
Match other side.

Cast on 44 sts with 4.5mm.
K2P2 - for 20 rows.
Increase to 50 sts.
Change to 5mm
Work 85 rows - increase 1 st each end on:
1, 8, 15, 22, 36. 43, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85

Knit 1 row.

Cast off 6sts at beginning of next 2 rows.
K4 rows dec 1 st each end of every row.
K28 rows decrease 1 st each end of every alternate row.
Cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows = 8 sts.
Cast off

Pick up 32 down left front, 20 across middle and 32 up right front, then pick up 42 across back.

K4 P4 rib - but decrease 42 across back to 36 evenly.

Rib for 8cm - cast off loosely.


  1. What a gorgeous sweater. I love cables but never seem to have the patience to actually get down to knitting them. Your work is beautiful.

  2. Morning Daffy !
    ooh and happy new year to you..
    Your a busy bee lady , celebrating a birthday on the 1st too !
    Wishing your year to be as magical as your very lovely knits ( clever lady )
    Hugs Maria x


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