Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mohair Madness - step back in time!

Back in the 80s I was addicted to mohair. My house was constantly covered in mohair fluff and my carpet always used to have a layer of fluff over it - but I was undeterred.  I had a fluffy mohair jumper for every day of the week and some spares, some were from patterns and some were made up by my good self.

In addition I used my knitting machine to make and sell mohairs to order. In actual fact I made enough money to buy the material I used for my 4 bridesmaid dresses. I love the fact mohair is back, even though nobody appears to be brushing them and fluffing them up with a teasel brush (I still have mine somewhere) in the 21st century. I stopped wearing the mohairs when I had my first baby - they would have choked on all that fluff.

So sit back and enjoy this wander through the mohair madness of the 80s. (Sorry about the picture quality!)

Firstly - my favourite - I wore this until it fell to bits and I couldn't fluff it up any more. I made this pattern up and ran it up on my Brother chunky knitting machine.

Another mohair I wore until it fell apart was this one - Mr Daffy used to call it the TV set because it looked like a TV that wasn't tuned in and it was going fuzzy.

Basic purple and red mohairs for everyday wear. (I had several pink ones too.)

Denim mohairs for wearing with jeans.

Here I am in Lancashire with another favourite - this green one had a tiny sequin embellishment and puffy sleeves (very 80s) and I loved it.

This blue mohair was more turquoise in real life - it had a cable pattern down each side and I sewed little pearls into the cable.

 This red one I made for a girl at work - she designed the ribbon embellishment and I had to make it happen. It came out really well and she wore it to work every week in the winter.

This blue one was from a pattern and you can see the back, it was for my boss at the time and I seem to remember having to adjust the neck at the front. I think she liked it in the end.

These cardies were always in demand from people - but I preferred to wear jumpers.

Here are some made up jumpers - the little cropped ones were for a friend of mine - she designed them. I think the large black jacket was for my cousin, I remember making up the pattern anyway.

Lastly - all that leftover mohair need to be used up - this was made for my friend's daughter. 

After mohair I had a thing for chenille, which also left traces all over the house - happy days. 


  1. Those were the days - I remember them well.

  2. Sears had a great sale on mohair yarn, a box of twelve balls for some ridiculously low price. I bought three boxes, pink, aqua, and gold. I retrieved the pink from my Mom's house when she died and I still have a couple balls of that. I made the aqua into a sweater that got given away. It was a stunning color! The gold I made into a lacy cardi for myself but when I put it on it made me look like a pumpkin. I gave it away too. So much for mohair. By the way, mohair boucle should be permanently banned. It fuzzes off and the needle tips get caught in the little boucle loops.

  3. It's not just the sweaters - it's the hair as well! Couldn't mistake it for any other time than the 80s.

    1. Yes - I did have big 80s hair and a perm.

  4. These are great shots my daughter looked just the same big hair! I am currently using 80s patterns they have so much style



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