Monday, 16 March 2015

Crochet Notes - Granny Hex 'lap' gan

Yarn to be used up. 

I decided to use up another batch of odds and ends that have the same colour way as my lounge and I fancied a hexagon shaped lapgan. I used Granny Hexagon Afghan which is available on Ravelry for free and so the the Granny Hex'lap'gan was born.

I did the usual join as you go method, rather that the joining method on the pattern, this was because I wanted more of the oatmeal to show.

Two rounds done. 

I bought a lilac yarn and a sparkly grey yarn to bump up the amount of yarn available.

Close Up
For the border I just did one round continuing in the same two treble grouping style.
Finished Granny Hex'lap'gan 

In its place - and you can see it works perfectly with other colours in the room 

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  1. All the purple certainly brightens everything up and brings it together, the granny blanket is pretty but so too are your cushions. I am not sure about the book by the way - are you enjoying it? It's a bit odd for me to read in this (diary type) format I think but I will persevere as I am aiming to read a book a week!


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