Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Crochet Notes - Gorgeous Daisy Bag

I bought too much yarn for my Fuchsia Cables Jumper and already I made the 200 Hat but I still had two and half balls left over. I also had a Boots 100% Gorgeous bag waiting for a make over and so I came up with the idea of a big flower power bag.

I ordered some more Stylecraft Aran from Deramores - selected the Daisy Flower Crochet Charity Square from Ravelry and chose a 4.5mm hook to add sturdiness to the bag. For the side panels I used the pencil case square from Issue 22 of Simply Crochet,  I used this technique before for my Issue 22 Granny Bag.
I've bought too much yarn again so I now get a cream hat and a gold hat from that bundle of Aran, funny how a project to use up yarn leaves you with more than you started with. As this is a charity pattern I intend to make a baby blanket for the neo-natal unit at my local hospital, I just need to know what yarn they prefer.
 I made eight flower squares and nine pencil case squares. I did join as you go on the last round of the flower squares after every two trebles. I also did four rounds on the pencil case squares and then a round of half trebles - joining as I went to make a strip.

Here are all the pieces awaiting assembly.

I crocheted the flower fabric to the side strip using half trebles and then did a round of half trebles around the rim. Finally I attached the bag as lining.

As a teacher I have never ending amounts of marking and so this will be my new cheery marking bag.



  1. I'm sure the bag will make marking so much more pleasurable! A lovely bag. I'm thinking of using your idea of a ready made bag as a lining for the bag I'm working on, it seems such an obvious way to do it, I should have thought of this sooner.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! x


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