Monday, 25 May 2015

Knitting Knotes - Summer on Guernsey

I have long since wanted to do a Guernsey style jumper and finally I have, in a cotton Aran yarn. As is becoming a tradition - I have a new scarf to match - from Tesco - couldn't resist.

7 balls of Sirdar Cotton Aran
4mm needles and 5mm needles
Adaptation of this Drops pattern, free on Ravelry

Length - 74cm
Chest - 112cm
Sleeve - 50cm

Ready to go

Adapted notes


4mm -  Cast on 100 sts 1x1 rib for 20 rows - inc to 102 on last row.
5mm - Work M6 for 37cm
Work M1
Knit 6 - Work M4, M3, M2, M3, M4 - Knit 7.**
At 73cm (8 pattern repeats) put middle 38 on a holder. Work one side at a time.
Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 4 rows in pattern.
Cast off.


As for back to **
At 65cm (6 pattern repeats) put middle 18 sts on holder - complete one side at a time.
Dec at neck edge: 3sts x 1, 2sts x 2, 1st x 4
Complete to match the back.


4mm - Cast on 40 sts K1P1 rib for 13 rows
5mm - Using M6 a pattern of 12 rows.
Inc 1 st each end on rows 1, 5, 11 for first 2 pattern repeats.
Inc 1 st each end on rows 5 and 11 only until 72 sts.
Work 8 and a half patts.
Cast off loosely.


4mm - pick up from top left front.

22, 18, 22, 4, 38, 4 = 108 sts

Work in 1 x 1 rib for 2 rows.
On rows 3,4,5,6 decrease 1 st each side of the shoulder seam (4 on each round) = 92 sts.
Complete 10 rounds in total  - cast off.

To finish here are some late spring pics of my garden.

Lastly - an Orchid I thought was dead last summer:)

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  1. What a gorgeous jumper. I do love the traditional guernsey-style. The garden pictures are lovely. It's so good to see so much colour in the garden.


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