Thursday, 23 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 23rd July

Day 1

This summer holiday I'm not going away anywhere, so I thought I would keep a diary of how my
garden changes over the holiday. I have 5 weeks 3 days off work (although there is still work to be done!) and this summer I want to focus on creating a variety of planting areas in my garden.

So day 1 - what have got to start with?

Area 1 - The Patio

We are currently building an extension to the house, so the contents of the garage are on the patio - I'm hoping this will be resolved over the summer:(

Area 2 - The Cool Bed

This is my main flowerbed and it is called the cool bed because I generally only allow pinks, purples, blues and whites in it. This year however I have allowed the Golden Rod to grow but on reflection I'd prefer it not to have any yellow in it.

The woodland glade area

This area is looking tired and needs some life.

Again - this area needs some life and colour. 

Dahlia Mero Star dominates this area so I hope it blooms well. 

Area 3 - The Shady Bed

The shady bed - needs more ferns and Hostas. 

Area 4 - The Decking

A new area for us - built by a neighbour. As you can see the wrappers are not off the cushions yet. 


  1. I'm looking forward to following your progress. Love the decking area, looks like a comfortable place to relax.

  2. Ooo I LOVE your decking! What a nice neighbour! Looking forward to reading your progress (had to page back for ages to find out what "days" you were counting!). I am not a gardener but wish I was and wish my garden looked better. I think you might be my new inspiration so get ready for lots of comments and questions lol

    1. Thank you - I'm no expert but happy to answer questions:) x


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