Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 24th July

Day 2

Today I'm loving ......................

My gorgeous woodland area Hydrangea.

A Lythrum that I bought at the Eden Project in Cornwall about 4 years ago.

An Agapantha that finally seems to have settled in and flowered after 4 years.

The multitude of Campanulas that have returned to my garden this year.

In other news........

The patio pots with life still in them are now gathered. I'm planning blue pots only on the patio in the future - to streamline and tidy it up.

A new plant, Mukdenia, has been added to the woodland area and a Rudbeckia to the shady area. 


  1. Gorgeous variety of plants. The colours in the hydrangea are beautiful. You're inspiring me to get out in the garden and do some beautifying.

  2. I have a white hydrangea that has never flowered after the first year. Someone told me I should put down ericaceous compost. Must remember to give that a try!


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