Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 25th July

Day 3

The future of the cool bed is being changed at present. I was going for a traditional British cottage garden look but I find that the flowers come in waves. Whilst the bed looks great in spring with ox-daisies, bluebells and aqualegias, by summer it has fizzled out.

So I'm moving towards a new look that involves my four favourite flowers: roses, penstemons, dahlias and hydrangeas. Other plants will remain but where there are gaps one of the four base plants will go in. 

Today's focus is the Hydrangeas of which I have four at present.

Cool Bed

No apologies for yet more photos of this fabulous Hydrangea in the woodland area. It was pale pink when I bought it and I feed it huge amounts of banana skins, which may account for the gorgeous purple and blue blooms next to each other.

Also in the cool bed is this tiny pink hydrangea....

And this one which I think is white but it has no buds as yet.

Shady Bed

In the shady bed there is a pale pink hydrangea just coming into bloom and as you can see my shady bed needs weeding!

However if you really want to see fab Hydrangeas then have a look at Hydrangea Valley in my favourite Cornish garden Trebah Garden.

Crafty News

I am currently working on a summer top I'm calling Bollywood Top. It is based on a pattern from Sue Bradley's 1980s book - Traveller's Yarns. This sideways knit is from her India section and it will require beading when finished.


  1. You can never have enough hydrangea pictures - their all gorgeous. The knitting looks interesting, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Banana skins?! How do you do that then ? Just chop up the skins and sprinkle around ?
    Knitting looks fab, love the colour :)

    1. Hi
      I just throw the banana skins and over ripe bananas onto the beds. Not very sophisticated. Thanks for your comments. x


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