Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 26th July

Day 4

Penstemons have long since been a favourite of mine, I do love a trumpet shaped flower and these ones just keep coming all summer. My first penstemon was Csar, which I no longer have but I did put some cuttings in my aunt and uncle's garden and they have taken off rather well.

I have now taken cuttings from them and stuck them in my garden, if you look in the bottom right of the next photo you can see a lone stem penstemon cutting.

Also in the Cool Bed are these:

I think this is called Blackbird - but I'm not sure.

There are two together here - another Blackbird and in the background a pale blue penstemon which has just finished its first bloom of the year. 

Also in between blooms is this bright pink penstemon on the right.

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  1. They all look beautiful. Must get some for my garden.


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