Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 27th July

Day 5

The Roses

For a long time I didn't have any roses in my garden, I know we had some when we moved in 20 years ago and last year I began to wonder why. Then I remembered - Mr Daffy doesn't like them, apparently they used to puncture his footballs as a small child.

I, however, do like roses, in fact I love them and so they are making a return. At present it is not a spectacular show - but give it a few years and it should be. 

Patio Tubs

This is the best rose display at present, two mini roses I bought on Saturday.

Cool Bed

I have a white climber rose that I put in last year, it has grown a lot but only a few flowers so far this year.

Bottom left you can see a new hydrangea to add to my others, this one is a traditional mop head and is currently pink but is not far from my blue one - so we shall see what happens next year. 

Further along down the Cool Bed this year I have planted a bright pink rose, two pale pink roses and a bright pink climber.

I'm going to train this to go climb over the shed at the end of the bed. The side next to it has a jasmine climbing up so it should be a pretty show in a couple of years. 

Middle section of the Cool Bed, I love the height the hollyhocks bring but this is the last year I shall let the golden rod grow.  In fact I'm tempted to take it now! BTW Mr Daffy made the fence.

In crafty news.......

I have finished the back of my Bollywood Top.

I shall add all the ribbing when the front is complete. 

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