Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 28th July

Day 6 

The last of my four base plants for the cool bed are the dahlias (the others being roses, penstemons and hydrangeas). I didn't lift my dahlia corms last autumn, but they are springing up all over the place. That said we had a mild winter and no snow, so I think I just got lucky.

The only two actually in flower at present are two I bought from a garden centre this summer, here is one of them in the Shady Bed. It did get a bit munched on by slugs and snails (hence the slug pellets down now).

I have 11 dahlias in the Cool Bed beginning to bud now.

Dahlia bud on the left.

I think this dahlia is Sir Alf Ramsey, a pale pink bloom.

I must just have a focus on Mero Star - look at the size of this dahlia, it is huge and it is covered in buds. 

Here is the 2013 bloom, you can see the actual plant was a lot smaller then - I really hope they'll be as good this year.

I took a lot of the golden rod out yesterday and replaced it with a salvia and penstemon I found growing under the buddleia, however it does look a bit bare now. At least I can see the lythrum which is getting swallowed by Mero Star.

One last batch of golden rod to come out, on the left. Yesterday's bunch looks lovely in a vase outside my front door. 

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