Thursday, 30 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 30th July

Day 8

Oh crumbs - day 8 of 38 already, but the garden is looking a lot better. The golden rod is now out and has been replaced by an erodium and an aster.

I also found a rose (top left of the picture below) growing under a pant - so I have pulled out as much root as I could get and moved it forward - will it survive? Probably not!

Crafty news ...........

I am still currently working on my Bollywood Top and as you can see in my notebook the maths behind it is taxing my brain.

I have been playing around with the beading and have a few options. I was originally going to put blue sequins on the panels but have just bought some gorgeous little grey beads that I think will be better on the panels. I could then use the sequins on the blue strips.
Sequins on the left and grey beads on the right.

Decisions decisions? I have a while to decide as I'm only just up to the neck shaping on the front.


  1. You have sunshine in your garden - you lucky thing! The Bollywood top is looking great.

  2. As pessoas entram em nossa vida por acaso, mas não é por acaso que elas permanecem.
    Obrigada querida pela presença amável!
    Lindos dias de verão!

    Beijos Marie.


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