Friday, 31 July 2015

Summer 2015 - 31st July

Day 9

The buddleia is becoming a buddy nuisance! It grew of its own accord a few years ago and I decided to let it grow, at that point in time Mr Daffy was going to extend the pond anyway. However, he has built a bigger pond at the bottom of the garden and despite chopping it to almost nothing this winter it has got bigger and bigger. 

Mr Daffy is getting annoyed because of the debris that is ending up in his pond and I'm getting annoyed because of all the little plants underneath that can't grow properly. Additionally it is blocking out too much light in the woodland area under the tree. So it has got to go - however it won't be going today, because today I'm off to Brighton with a friend for shopping and lunch - happy days:)

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  1. A pity the buddleia has become a problem, they can look so nice when the butterflies are attracted. My buddleia is sadly a big disappointment - I've never managed to attract any butterflies ever. Have a great day out in Brighton with your friend. XXX


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