Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 11th August

Day 19

Ok - so I have to admit that I'm halfway through the summer holiday, however not going away has meant that the garden has flourished. Here is the shady bed which just gets better each day......

Here is the cool bed, you can see how big dahlia Mero Star is, the flowers should be open by Friday!

My resolve not to go to the garden centre diminished yesterday. Several years ago I had a hibiscus that died when I moved it, so yesterday I bought another one and some violas for a new cup display.

Hibiscus - centre back

I have these spotty cups that only I have small enough fingers to get in the handle, so I thought a little viola display would look good.

Then I decided to have a mug display that represents the family:
Golf - Mr Daffy (He loves the game and organises mini tournaments!)
Historic Salem - me (Salem represents not only history but also the need for feminism.)
Dalek stuff - Son 1 (Loves Dr Who - old and new - could possibly win Mastermind with his facts!)
Man Utd - Son 2 (Die hard Man U fan, despite the fact the rest of the family supports our local team - West Ham!)

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  1. Your flower beds are certainly flourishing. I love the individual mugs you have planted, a fun idea.


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