Friday, 14 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 14th August

Day 22

Finally I have some home grown Dahlias in full bloom and they are worth waiting for.....

The Dahlia monster Mero Star is still keeping me hanging on though!

To make up for it look at this Monarda (Bee Balm) that I'd forgotten I bought last year - so pretty. In the background is my new Hibiscus now in bloom.

In crafty news Wizadora is whizzing along - I'm at the sleeves now and have had to resort to a circular needle on the "3 times round" row as the stitches don't all fit on my bamboo pin.

I have a long car journey coming up today and I'm not driving - so I hope to get quite a bit done.
Where am I off too? Somewhere of great historic importance, where I have never been before - but one of my sons has as he went there on a school trip. Let's hope we don't drown on route in the torrential rain that is about to descend judging by the grey suburban sky outside my window. 

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  1. Gorgeous blooms, such lovely colours. I hope your journey goes well and you're not inconvenienced by the deluge.


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