Saturday, 15 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 15th August

Day 23

Yesterday my cousin and I took my aunty and uncle to Bletchley Park, site of the historic code breaking team during World War Two. They are both housebound now, so it was good to get them out.

My uncle is a history buff and I'm a History teacher - so it was a good place for us to visit. He was telling me recently that he'd never been to Bletchley, so it was a nice surprise for him to go there. My aunty asked me "What is there for me?" "A tea shop!" I replied." "Good we'll go!" she said.

The entrance included a sign encouraging knitting - a good start I thought!

The Enigma Machine which generated the codes and was captured by the Brits from a submarine.

Here we are inside one of the huts - all laid out as though they are coming back to work any minute.

The Bomb - this was the nickname given to the machines that cracked the codes. This one is an imitation from the recent film The Imitation Game.

More props from the film set.

A pub scene from the film set.

Me and my uncle on the film set pretending to enjoy half a pint!

The house is quite stunning and yet ordinary for a British country estate, however the work that went on here was completely extraordinary.

Love this quote.

There are some lovely 1940s house scenes to give people a flavour of the times.

All in all it was very interesting and I'm now planning a school trip for next year.


  1. Looks a very interesting place to visit. I've just bought the DVD of the Imitation Game, I love the film and can't wait to watch it again.

    1. I bought the film yesterday - hopefully I'll watch it in the next few days:)


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