Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 16th August

Day 24

My oh my the summer holidays are ticking by too quickly now. I have resumed working - best to phase back in gently! However I'm still making time for the garden, being crafty and hopefully a few more days out. 

Today the garden is looking good. 

Penstemons on their second burst and the Euphorbia looking stunning even in the summer.

The shady bed extension is bright and cheerful. 
But best of all is the decking area. Today I finally went out and bought the pots for the plants on the decking. I decided I wanted it coordinated. 

All we need is a BBQ on the go and a few bottles of chilled wine:)

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  1. Love the decking area. I could quite happily sit out there with a chilled glass of wine.


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