Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 18th August

Day 26

I decided to try my hand at a new craft today - chalk painted furniture!

We have this old bookcase that has been moved from pillar to post over the years and Mr Daffy wanted to get rid of it. It is temporarily in the bathroom (we having building work done so the house is upside down) but I'm reclaiming the box room as a craft room soon and I wanted it for in there. 

Now the idea was to make it look like it has been stored in a French barn for a while - you know that sort of rustic look.

Here it was this morning. 

Here it was after one coat.

After two coats on most areas but still needing a touch up here and there.

Hmm - well it certainly looks distressed now anyway - and it has the addition of a hole, because when I pushed the shelves in the back went through the towel rail!

Mr Daffy said put a sign on it saying it's supposed to look like this! Cheeky!

After the final coat, it gets a wax polish, then it will be ready for all my crafty books and bits and pieces. Sadly the room won't ready for it for sometime.


  1. It's good to repurpose old furniture. I haven't tried chalk paints yet but they are on my list to try at some point. Don't worry about the hole, I'm sure it'll be hidden by your books. I envy you getting a craft room, I've been dropping hints about a future takeover but it'll be a while yet before I get my way.

    1. I got the paint from B and Q and I used two tins, I also bought the wax coating. I'm hoping to be in my new room by Oct half term! I've pintresting craft rooms and I'm very excited about it, even though it's tiny. x


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