Sunday, 23 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 23rd August

Day 31

Today my eldest turned 23 on the 23rd! Time flies!

I turned my attention today to creating a string frame for my climbers - I hope they survive the manhandling.

The rose has a lot of new growth - so I didn't want to leave this task any longer. 

The jasmine and the clematis now have room to thrive - I hope they do.

I have been adding bamboo support to my dahlias, but I like to keep the stakes hidden if possible.

My pansies on the patio are so cute:)


  1. What a coincidence, my daughter is 24 today. She's come to stay for the weekend so we're having a great time. I hope your eldest is having a lovely birthday.

    1. Wow - happy birthday to her. My son has gone out with friends and we are taking him out tomorrow evening. x

  2. Olá amiga, passei por aqui para desejar-lhe uma abençoada semana.
    Fiquei encantada com tanta beleza do seu jardim bem cuidado...parabéns!
    Doce abraço Marie.


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