Sunday, 2 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 2nd August

Day 11

Garden News ..........

Well it's done - the buddleia is out and has been replaced by a white hydrangea that I planted in the wrong place last year, I need a robust shrub there because it needs to cover the pond filtration unit. I also popped in a mini-penstemon in front of what I believe is another penstemon.

I trimmed the rosemary back which was growing all over the path and under the buddliea uncovered an agapantha and a daisy. You can see Mr Daffy's first pond in this pic, he visualised and built it himself.

I found my quirky item for the patio shelving in a local charity shop - the large green cup and saucer £2 - bargin and in the florist a few doors along I found a fern for £1.50. It's on the bottom shelf.

My shady bed was looking delightful this morning, so I just had to take a snap. It's amazing how a tidy up and a couple of cheap plants can improve it so quickly.

Crafty News...........

As I am on the homeward stretch with the  Bollywood Top, I decided to plan my next large knitting project. I have long since wanted to make Eos by Marie Wallin but I couldn't find the right colour. I didn't want to make another white cotton sweater but when I came across Passion in Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky I couldn't resist ordering straight away.

Isn't it scrummy:)

I shall alter Eos a little - plain sleeves and a longer body and neck rib. That's the beauty of knitting or making your only clothes - you don't have to say if only it was this or that - you can make it happen!

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  1. Excellent work in the garden. I'm keen to get out and tidy up mine but we still have rain. The purple yarn is a gorgeous colour. Can't wait to see it knitted up. As you say, it's great to be able to personalise your knitting to suit you.


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