Sunday, 30 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 30th August

Day 38

Well it seems I miscalculated back in July and day 38 is not the last day - I have day 39 too - although it's a Bank Holiday so may be that's why I didn't count it. 

Crafty News today............

I finished the lovely Wizadora and it fits perfectly. (I will write up my notes soon). 

I hardly used up any yarn - only the purple went into the second ball, as you would expect with all that ribbing.

So what will I do with the leftovers - well I have a plan for a crocheted bag with a denim lining, but first I shall be sticking with Marie Wallin designs and embarking upon my version of Eos.

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  1. Beautiful top. Well done getting it finished before the end of the holidays. The colours look great together.


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